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Bill Klingensmith and I were invited to participate in a group exhibition that incorporates the use of light. This collaboration is an extension to our summer 2017 exhibition called “If anything happens…”. Taking on the theme of 19th century maritime communication. Also known as, message in a bottle. Robin is a glass artist and I am a typographic artist. Together, we have a strong narrative that we enjoy exploring that has formal, yet, contemporary context.

The piece has LED lights built into the shelf/stand that are controlled by a sonic sensor and arduino. As you approach, the light gets brighter. Light is used as a material to create an interactive engagement of “hope”. Once close to the work, you move yourself around and the text on the wall gets “inserted” into the bottle. Hold Fast is a bit of a contradictory term if you are in a hurry to be rescued at sea. We are in the state of waiting for help and hope. The best we can do is make art about it.